Weight Loss Strategies For Finding Your “Set Point”

by Kenney on January 15, 2011

If you tried a weight loss program and it worked for bit or you have been yo-yo dieting and keep finding yourself gaining the weight back no matter how hard you try not to, then you need to reset your body’s set point. If you want to lose weight, then you will have to do this or it will be extremely difficult to keep the weight off.

Your set point is the weight that your body is naturally comfortable at. It’s the weight that you will stay at (or go back to) without thinking about it. It’s the weight that your subconscious believes that you want to be.

How To Reset Your Set Point So That You Stop Gaining Weight Back

1. Build lean muscle. Building lean muscle increases your body’s need for different types of nutrient. Your “taste” for certain types of foods will change/alter because of the needs of the body.

2. Create a vision statement. A vision statement is a statement of what the “end goal” that you want from your new weight loss and diet efforts. You need to have this written down and have a picture that represents what you want to look like. Look at this daily. Why? This announces to your subconscious that you have a goal that you want to reach and that it IS important to you. Then it will help you to get there without all of the fight. It’s takes time for this idea to settle in and for your mind to adjust.

3. Walk. Walking is one a great workout and because of the weight loss and health benefits that you gain, without all of the pounding on your body. Ideally you should walk 30 minutes a day. Approximately 10,000 steps. This activity alone could save you $2,500 in health related cost over the next year alone.

Learning to lose the weight and keep it off is not as hard as it seems. Just make the decision that you want to do it and take action.

Tips & Warnings:
Waiting to get started is one of the worst things that you can do. If you don’t do something different you will continue on the same path.

Be careful when you first start if you are not used to being this active.

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