Weight Loss EXPOSED: I’m Tired Of This Weight Loss Industry Scam

by Kenney on April 30, 2009


It’s bull crap.

I am tired of hearing people overweight talk about how easy it is for people to be skinny.

Skinny doesn’t mean they are fit.

They’re just skinny and hate their body image too.

I know it’s hard to imagine, but they look in the mirror with the same mental baggage that someone overweight looks at them selves. They aren’t happy.

Perfect example… it’s said that the cellulite industry was over a 100 million dollar industry last year… and guess what, most of those people are people that are skinny, but have cellulite and want to get rid of it.

They aren’t happy.

They go through life just like people overweight or obese.

Like la la la… then wake up one day and they are “skinny fat” or “obese” or just overweight.

And want to lose weight and think that it’s so easy for “fit” people to be in shape.

I guarantee you it’s not.

Shoot… we work hard.

We have a product called “Do This To Get Rid Of Cellulite“. It is a product mostly bought by women who obviously have cellulite.

We expose (or reveal) the real secret to what cellulite is… it’ FAT.

Excess fat!

And basically the appearance of that is cellulite.

Then we outline an exact plan to not just get rid of the cellulite, but get rid of fat, and make a total body makeover.

You know what, most of the people that by that product are “skinny” … but fat.

They have excess fat.

We had a woman by the product the other day and she goes I want my money back. I said sure no problem, but so that we can make the product better, what is a matter with it.

She said that it has to many numbers.

So, I am thinking to my self… whaaaat?

Too many numbers. Ok.

So, I went back through the product and it’s not complicated at all, very few numbers. Actually we lay out another plan that doesn’t involve any numbers at all for those “lazy folk”.

But it made me realize something… we (people) are just lazy.

We want the entire world handed to us on a platter.

Let me tell you, if you want to lose weight, really lose weight, you have to do some work.

You have to watch what you eat.
You have to get physically active.
You have to make sacrifices.

If it was easy then you wouldn’t be reading this info right now.

It’s hard.

…But you can do it.

You may have to count some numbers.
You may have to get sweaty.
You may have to skip one large chocolate cake.
You may have to cut back on sodas… including diet.

…And yes, once you get in shape it’s soooo much easier to maintain it. But it takes work and thought to stay fit.

I am not Not talking about skinny, but actually fit.

A successful weight loss program begins in the mind.

You have to come to 2 realizations:



As a insider it’s easy because I’ve made up my mind that I want to be fit. As an outsider it seems dang near impossible because first of all you’re struggling with motivation. Once you’ve made up in your mind that you want this…

…nothing can stop you!

You will stop making excuses and do what it takes to lose weight. Then everything else that I am saying will make total sense.

You’ve seen The Biggest Loser?

Do you think that they have it easy? I don’t think so. They work there ass off to get those losses. They make sacrifices.

I know this post isn’t going to make me a lot of friends, and visitors aren’t going to be very happy with me.

…But oh well. I am here to tell you the truth and I am tired of seeing that truth sugarcoated just to get people to buy products or make friends.

You can hate me, but if you lose weight because of my information, then I’ve done my job and I’ll feel great about myself.

To Your Happiness and Fitness Success,


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Christina June 30, 2009 at 6:04 am

Very Interesting blog and so true. It does take dedication and determination to lose weight and fat wheather someone is skinny or overweight. I lost 6 lbs this month and it took alot of reading labels, strength training, cardio, and then some. I pushed myself to the limits and I am bound to complete my mission/goal weight although it was hard to start at first. Thanks for being REAL sir!

Kenney July 7, 2009 at 7:28 pm

@Christina: Your welcome… and thanks for the comment. I am glad to hear about your success. I hope that it continues.

One thing that you will find is that it does get easier as successful weight loss habits become “more habitual” and as you get leaner and your metabolism kicks it up a notch ;) You will have some ups and some downs and some plateaus, but never give up, and keep your overall trend on the positive side and you’ll be alright.

Yes, it’s a challenge. It’s tough and it seems that only the strong or extremely motivated (and informed) survive.

Talk to ya soon.

Cellulean Reviews May 4, 2010 at 7:33 pm

Losing weight is not easy for every one. For me, a guy it seems I just cut back a little and my weight drops. My wife is a different story. She has struggled to lose weight for years. She has tried a lot of things. It is a battle I don’t know if she will ever win. However, I still love her and support her.

Kenney August 8, 2010 at 7:12 pm

I find that the process of losing weight is NOT the problem. It’s the battle that is fought in the mind that is wear it’s won. If you do what you are suppose to do then you will lose the weight it’s a guarantee. If you create a calorie deficit daily, if you exercise to increase your lean muscle mass, if you do this consistently you will lose weight and not only that increase your metabolism & change you whole body composition.

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