Slim9: Weight Loss Pills for Natural Weight Loss

by Kimberly Edwards on March 2, 2011

* Before we get into this particular weight loss pills, we would like to be sure you know: It’s important to see or consult your family physician before starting any diet or exercise regimen to be sure you are healthy enough to begin and that there are no contraindications of the ingredients presented in the product you are proposing to use for your weight loss plan.


That being said, not all weight loss pills are scary. Some are made of all-natural ingredients that don’t tend to propose any health issues or side effects. Even though this may be the case, it is still important to consult your physician first before starting any supplement regimen.

Slim9 is a product that touts itself to:

  • reduce food cravings
  • improve bowel regularity
  • combat stress related weight gain
  • increase energy

These weight loss pills are called Slim9 because they contain 9 natural ingredients that help make you slim:

  1. Acai berry
  2. Green tea: “One cup of green tea has more antioxidant power than the twice the amount of fresh fruit, vegetable juice or wine. It also packs epigallocatechin gallate and caffeine that, when combined, greatly helps increase your body’s core temperature, boosts metabolism and burns fat.”
  3. Hoodia Gordonii
  4. Ginseng
  5. Pro-biotic fibers
  6. Psyllium seed:  A soluble fiber – “Adding fiber to your diet helps keep you satiated longer, so you might miss out on craving sweets and other naughty treats. Having fiber on your side is like having a knight in shining armor to battle fat!”
  7. Flax seed: “These bad-boys are the best source of essential & healthy fats, and fiber…Why more fat, you ask? Because healthy fats are essential when trying to lose body fat. If you go on a zero fat diet, your body will respond by storing more fat! Yuck! That’s what happens in most no-fat diets; you actually gain weight while you’re on the diet! That defeats the purpose, doesn’t it?”
  8. Ginger
  9. Cayenne: “Capsaicin increases metabolism, strengthens the immune system, improves circulation, and generates increased body heat. Cayenne pepper is a super-spice that dazzles your taste buds while promoting your overall wellness!”

These are pretty basic and proven ingredients that do assist in weight loss, boosting metabolism and helping your body burn fat.

According to a post on – 4 Ultimate Natural Fat-Fighting Foods – the 4 foods mentioned are on the list of ingredients for Slim9, the information from which are listed above with the respective ingredients in quotations.

Worried they may not work? Well, these weight loss pills come with a 6-month guarantee clearly outlined with the product.

“you can use the product for up to 6 months, and if you don’t see results, you can simply return your Slim9 package for your money back. This makes your order 100% risk free and means that you know that Slim9 will work for you.”

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