Phase 3, Day 30 of The Maker’s Diet – Carb Info

by Kimberly Edwards on February 8, 2009

The Maker''s Diet: The 40-Day Health Experience That Will Change Your Life ForeverIt’s Day 30, Phase 3 of The Maker’s Diet.

We are in Phase 3 now, and our choices have opened up even more.

Some foods we aren’t supposed to eat are surprising, some are easy to guess.

This phase organic beer and wine opened up in small amounts, which is very cool.

Honestly, we haven’t felt as though we’re missing out on anything. The recipes we’ve been following are extremely tasty, filling and diverse. I keep saying this over and over again to you…LOL

I’m happy that more beans have opened up for us to enjoy, as I know they are great for you in so many ways.

It’s easy to look at this list and say goodbye to so many foods, as we’ve proven we can live without them already for 1 month, and haven’t missed them terribly at all.

As for bread and starchy carbohydrates, I will need to devise a new recipe for our basic bread we eat all the time out of brown rice flour, kamut or spelt. So, I’ll have to find the latter 2 somewhere…

I think I’ll experiment with millet for dinner tonight! Sounds awesome!


I hope you enjoy this Weight Loss Product Review on Natural Weight Loss Tip! Until next time…

Day 30 down, 10 to go…Happy and Healthy!

Kimberly Edwards :)

P.S. I’ll be making some pastas this week with different flours than I usually would make them…I’ll update you about them…Here’s a great source for organic millet flour – it’s gluten free:

Millet Flour Gluten Free - 4/23 Oz Millet Flour: GR Millet Flour Gluten Free – 4/23 Oz Millet Flour: GR

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