Phase 2, Day 25 of The Maker’s Diet

by Kimberly Edwards on February 3, 2009

The Maker''s Diet: The 40-Day Health Experience That Will Change Your Life ForeverIt’s Day 25, Phase 2 of The Maker’s Diet.

I wanted to talk about smoothies today, as we had that for breakfast!

Since we are unable to really have much dairy, unless it’s from a goat or is kefir-style, there are options for your smoothies.

They don’t have to be bland or boring!

We’ve been using all of the acceptable fruits of this phase along with filtered ice cubes, unpasteurized honey and goat’s milk yogurt, as well as kefir yogurt!

You can also add your “Greens” and fiber too, if you like! (We have Greens Plus this time around.)

Since smoothies are cold, you can’t taste those greens and fiber quite so much! Yeah!

They’re awesome…Filling, satisfying, tasty and acceptable during this phase of the Maker’s Diet.

Everyone has been happy with them including my mother – a picky eater!

I hope these suggestions help you, and that smoothies become those “meals” that fill the gap – either as a breakfast, snack or dessert.

Fabulous all around!


I hope you enjoy this Weight Loss Product Review on Natural Weight Loss Tip! Until next time…

Day 25 down, 15 to go…Happy and Healthy!

Kimberly Edwards :)

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