New Exercise Creates Flat Belly Without Leaving The Bed

by Kenney on January 17, 2011

If you have been trying to get a flat stomach, but are looking for a new and different way to get there besides the same old routine, then you will like this cool little change to a exercise that has proven to work for creating a flat tummy.

Most people don’t get a flat stomach because they don’t feel that they have the time to stop and diet and workout. But what if there was a quick little exercise that you could do just 4 times per week, for 5 minutes, that would tighten, tone, and flatten your belly… would you do it?

Straight Legged Bed Crunches

This is a variation to the already popular crunch that not only helps to fit it into your daily schedule, but it is move effective than a regular crunch, here’s why.

When you do this crunch your legs are straight and you go all the way down to a full layout position before the start of the next crunch. This will give you a fuller range of motion and help you to work more of your abs and even a little of your hip flexors. This is great news for your low back also because you are doing them on a surface that is softer and easier on the body.

…but tougher on the muscles. Meaning, it’s a little harder to do because the bed gives a little and forces you to use stabilizer muscles too.

To do this exercise, lay flat in the bed with your legs straight and your hands behind your head. Then tuck your chin to your chest and roll up “slow”. You should take a 3 second count to get up and a 3 second count down. Roll up into a crunch position. Don’t use your hands to pull you up, this is all ab action. It should feel like you are rolling up and rolling down your spine.

Do this 4 times per week. That’s every other day for 5 minutes. Do 30 seconds of crunches followed by a 30 second break. This is a great workout and a great way to start the day. It will get your blood pumping and increase circulation before you get out of bed making you feel more alive and awake.

This is a great workout to mix in with the butt workout. In just 10-15 minutes a day before you get up, you could have the booty and get the flat abs of your dreams.

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Growth January 29, 2011 at 5:34 am

Any tips for hitting tummy fat. I have residual flab there and I just can’t get rid of it.

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