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Natural Activities for Natural Weight Loss

When you think of nature activities, what do you think of?

Maybe hiking, camping, trail riding, swimming, fishing, farm work – anything “outdoorsy”, right?

When I think back at the hard work my grandparents did on their farm by hand, it tires me just to think of it.

A few weeks ago, our washing machine broke down, and in a pinch, I had to do some laundry by hand…Wow – Phew! Have you ever done that? It’s really hard work.

You feel so accomplished afterward because you put in so much effort. The same goes with “natural activities”.

Outdoor Fireplace by Outdora

Outdoor Fireplace by Outdora

For example, when was the last time you chopped wood by hand for an Outdoor Fireplace or bonfire?

When was the last time you actually had a bonfire?

Not only is chopping wood a great workout for your abs, arms, shoulders and wrists, but hauling the wood to the indoor or outdoor fireplace is also a great workout. It helps you to build your stabilizing muscles, works your legs, buttocks, arms and back as well.

Smoker & Outdoor Fireplace from Outdora

Smoker & Outdoor Fireplace from Outdora

When was the last time you actually cooked at home? Now, make it a more intense, and more fun activity by cooking outside on the fire…

Have you ever tried smoking your own food? It’s a great, low-fat way to cook your meats for a healthier outcome since you’re not cooking with grease and fat. In fact, the fat drips out and power-packs your food with flavor making it more satisfying. That helps you be satiated and therefore, be able to cut out extra snacks you may not need since you still think you’re hungry or are not satisfied with what you ate.

Don’t have an Outdoor Fireplace? No problem…Outdora has a great selection to choose from that are rugged and very functional!

I love using real hardwood – you know, the kind you just chopped during your outdoor activites – for cooking and smoking food. Our outdoor fireplace has a flat top, so it’s great for heating up delicious warm drinks to enjoy in the cool fall and winter weather.

Make your natural, outdoor activities fun! Plus, these activities can help you de-stress keeping you from being a stress eater. Natural activities are often “green” ways to do things – saving energy and resources too!

Then, you can sit and enjoy the fruits of your labor with your family and your very own sense of accomplishment.


I hope you enjoyed this Weight Loss Workout Ideas on Natural Weight Loss Tip! Until next time…

Go Natural,

Kimberly Edwards :)

P.S. Check out these great BBQ and Grilling Recipes to get your appetite sparked! Try to adapt some of them on your outdoor fireplace or fire pit!

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