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Phase 1, Day 2 of The Maker’s Diet

The Maker''s Diet: The 40-Day Health Experience That Will Change Your Life ForeverToday is Day 2 of Phase 1.

We had a lovely breakfast – a frittata of sorts, a fantastic soup for lunch and a seriously delicious dinner!

There was even another evening snack to boot, which leaves you feeling satisfied and healthy.

These recipes are stretching my hubby from his Southern roots to cooking a more varied cuisine!

He’s doing a great job, by the way!

The food you eat, surprisingly, doesn’t make you feel like you’re starving. They are hearty and very rich tasting.

Although they’re rich in taste, the foods “feel” clean.

We’re happy so far, and all 3 of us participated today!

* Note: I will not list exact and/or complete menus or recipes from The Maker’s Diet. It is a review of our experience.

* Note: The days may posted may not coincide with the days we performed this review. Our 40-day experience was consecutive and complete.


I hope you enjoy this Weight Loss Product Review on Natural Weight Loss Tip! Until next time…

Day 2 down, 38 to go…Happy and Healthy!

Kimberly Edwards :)

P.S. The Maker’s Diet has a Day-to-Day Success Journal available as well:

The Maker's Diet - Success Journal by Garden of Life - 83 page, spiral bound journal The Maker’s Diet – Success Journal by Garden of Life – 83 page, spiral bound Journal

We are in a health crisis. Virtually every disease is on the rise, and we have never been at greater risk. Statistics indicate that nearly 25% of the population is morbidly obese, with 60% classified as overweight; childhood obesity is a health concern for the first time in our recorded history. Fortunately, there is a way for us to help control whether or not we become part of the grim health statistics, but it requires proactive participation. From the inception of humanity until now, there has been a plan for optimal health. Humanity’s design has not changed, and neither has its nutrition requirements. Historical human nutrition and contemporary scientific studies indicate a way of nourishing the body that will attain and maintain overall health in the way it was designed. In as little as 40 days, ”The Maker’s Diet” can transform the way you eat and live. The health statistics reflect what the ”modern” diet can do; the challenge is to discover what ”The Maker’s Diet” can do! The Maker’s Diet Success Journal is designed to help you maximize your 40-day health experience with The Maker’s Diet? and help you achieve optimal results. Gives step-by-step guidance and encouragement through each phase of The Maker’s Diet? program Provides suggested sample menus and daily regimens Includes valuable motivational resources to help keep you on track Track your progress and success day-by-day with The Maker’s Diet? Success Journal. This comprehensive reference provides a variety of valuable tips and suggestions to help you stay focused and achieve optimal results. From sample menus and suggested daily regimens, to personal health assessment tools and frequently asked questions, The Maker’s Diet? Success Journal is your personal daily guide on your journey to optimal health.


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