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7 Popular Weight Loss Programs

It’s hard to find a weight loss program that will work for you, your body and your situation.

We have compiled a list of the most popular weight loss programs right here.

Some are great; some are not so great.  When looking for a weight loss program, the ONLY purpose is to find one that helps you lose weight.  I think so many people get caught up in the excitement and popularity of the diet that they lose site of this fact.

7 Popular Weight Loss Programs

1.  Acai Berry Diet: The Acai Berry has an extreme amount of antioxidants (including phytonutrients & polyphenols).  The Acai Berry Diet is very low in sugar and other harmful ingredients.  It’s very low in calories too, is great for the immune system, and for pH balance of the body which is critical to health.  But it’s not a great diet, unless you use it as a juice diet, intermittently.  The downfall here is that you will only be able to use the Acai Berry diet for a short period of time before you get burnt out.  Then, you’ll crash, but the berry and the drink made by Mona Vie is awesome and great for your overall health.

2.  Atkins Diet: This has been an extremely successful diet for many, but the “confusion” here is that just because you only eat meat and cut carbs that you can eat as much as you want and it’s ok.  Here’s the deal:  you gain weight because you don’t burn more calories than you take in.  Look…Fat doesn’t care whether it’s made from protein in meat or carbohydrates from pasta.  Plus, this is another diet people crash on… because your body needs carbs.  That’s your energy source, and it’s vital to many other functions in the body, but the Atkins diet has been updated, and addresses only cutting the “bad carbs”.

3.  LA Weight Loss: The LA weight loss program focuses on lifestyle changes, exercise, body mass index, personalized dieting program according to foods you like, and most importantly, they have a personal coach to help you.  Having that extra help and support that you meet with weekly is extremely helpful to keeping you on your track to lose weight.

4.  Weight Watchers: The weight watcher weight loss program focuses mainly on giving you the support you need to take the weight loss journey.  If you have tried diets and failed, it’s probably because you didn’t have the right support around you.  They also help you make better diet choices and help you with exercise plans.

5.  3 Day Diet: The 3 Day Diet weight loss system is interesting.  It’s a strict dieting program that cycles for 3 days on, then you go off for 4-5 days.  Then, you can cycle on again.  The claim is that you can lose up to 10 pounds each time.  This diet claims to get your metabolism cranked.  It’s not a hard diet to complete, but I don’t agree with the amount of coffee you have to drink either.  You might find yourself hungry at lunch and want an early dinner. LOL

6.  South Beach Diet: This weight loss program has 3 main phases.  First, they help you curb your appetite by focusing on foods that are high in fiber, lean meat, veggies, and other good stuff.  Secondly, it is designed to help you continue to lose weight, but allows for you to start eating “good carbs”.  The 3rd phase begins once you reach your healthy weight and allows for you to cheat a little…LOL

7.  Fat Loss 4 Idiots: The Lose 9 pounds every 11 days diet… claim to fame is that they have an online diet generator that helps you create a personalized smart diet where you’re also full of energy, and it’s not a “starvation” diet.  It’s not about low fat diets, low carb or low calorie diets.  They say that those don’t work for the long term.  Unlike Weight Watchers, they focus more on getting the weight off fast.

Well, those are 7 popular weight loss programs.  All of these programs can be researched and joined online, except the 3 day diet.

We hope this helps to inform you about some of your weight loss program choices and helps you find the right weight loss program for you.

To Your Immediate and Lasting Weight Loss Success,

Kenney :)

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