How to Order Smarter Beverages

by Kimberly Edwards on September 8, 2008

You think that because you’re having a healthy smoothie, it must be low in fat, low in calories and just, well, perfect, right?

Back to Basics SE2000B Smoothie Elite Smoothie Maker, 2 to 4 Servings, 500 Watts,  - Brushed Chrome BaseWRONG! Even if you go to a chain like Smoothie King, you have to be careful what you order if you’re looking to lower your fat and/or calories.

You may think if you order a smoothie, you’re stuck with that recipe…NOPE!

Often, when I order a beverage anywhere, it is just entirely too sweet, all the way down to line to Starbucks…

Well, you do have options.

At a smoothie chain like Smoothie King, they actually show you all the ingredients in each of their concoctions.

I tend to order the berry smoothies, and had one earlier in the week. Halfway through the drink, I was choking it down because it just seemed too sweet to me.

Going back in later this week, I studied all of the ingredients in them. Not only do they add honey to the berries and mix (that’s probably sweet too), but they add Turbinado too (a form of sugar sweetener).

This time, I asked them to omit the turbinado altoghether, and they created a 1/2 sweet smoothie for me…Much more palatable to me!

My server also informed me that omitting that would decrease the calorie content by 150-175 calories…Wow!

Not only did it taste better, but it was better for me too!

Be creative and be thoughtful before you order!


I hope you enjoyed this “How To” Tip! Until next time…

To Your Immediate & Lasting Natural Weight Loss Success,

Kimberly Edwards :)

P.S. Better yet, you can make your own smoothies at home and have TOTAL control of what you put in them…They’re fun & super-easy too! Check out this recipe book for some great ideas:

The Ultimate Smoothie Book The Ultimate Smoothie Book

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