How to Lose Weight Just Breathing

by Kimberly Edwards on January 21, 2009

Health Through Self-Control In Thinking, Breathing, And EatingOne of my friends in college told me that they were “pudgy” in high school, and they picked up a book about breathing  to lose weight.

I was astounded that he said he lost so much weight just learning how to breathe correctly…deeply…more consistently.

He said he easily lost 20-30 lbs doing this, and that it really even toned up his abdominal muscles as though he was doing crunches.

What does he look like today, 12 years after our conversation? Well, I recently got back in touch with him on Facebook, and lo and behold, he is still in good shape and at a healthy weight.

Now, I’m not sure if this is the precise book about it, but this book has to do with being healthy through your thinking, breathing and eating…Sounds on point to me!

It’s obviously clear that in order to survive, we must breathe, but apparently, many health problems arise because of lack of oxygen in the body, and that could be from shallow breathing.

Just think, cancer can’t survive in an oxygenated environment – it doesn’t like it!

Now, think about how many chemical reactions in your body need oxygen molecules! Too many to list here!

Look at any animal or animal tissue…without consistent oxygenated blood, it dies…it turns blue, then black, then dies, then is gangrened. We simply cannot survive without it!

So, now go further, if your body were able to work and complete more of these chemical reactions in your body, for whatever reason it’s working, it’s burning calories too probably, right? Right!

The thing is, I’m sure you’ve heard of people doing breathing exercises…I know I have! Plus, oxygen energizes you.

* Trivia: Do you know why you yawn for the most part? Yes, it’s been said to get oxygen, but also to cool off your brain. It’s often because your brain overheats! Wow…who knew?

Breathe your way to weight loss and health at the very same time, naturally!


I hope you enjoy this How To Lose Weight Naturally post on Natural-Weight-Loss-Tip! Until next time…

Breathe Correctly to Lose Weight,

Kimberly Edwards :)

P.S. Get your copy of this fascinating and essential book here:

Health Through Self-Control In Thinking, Breathing, And Eating Health Through Self-Control In Thinking, Breathing, And Eating

Health Through Self-Control In Thinking, Breathing, And Eating by William Anthony Spinney Published in 2007 by Kessinger Publishing, LLC


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Kenney @ Pure Life Blog September 22, 2009 at 2:43 pm

Very clever post Kimberly! Great ideas!


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