You Are About To Discover the Secrets Most People Will NEVER Know About How to Lose Weight Fast

How To Lose Weight Fast Part 1

This may make you mad: Losing weight fast is not hard.

You can starve yourself and lose weight.
You could start running across the whole country like Forest Gump and lose weight.

“In fact, you already lose and gain weight every single day.

Losing weight is not hard.

… But really making up your mind to do so is.

Overcoming those mental hurdles to do so is.

Keeping the weight off is.

Losing the right kind of weight is.

Losing weight the right way so that you don’t kill yourself in the process is…

…Unless you get and follow the right information.

How To Lose Weight Fast

The first step in losing weight is to make up your mind that you want to do it.

I don’t mean that news years resolution type of mentality: “oh yeah, by the way, I think I want to lose 15 pounds by spring”.

There’s no thinking. You have to be so sold on the fact that you want to lose weight that you won’t let nothing stand in your way. The shear thought of skipping physical activity, eating half of a whole cake, or double big mac meal from McDonald’s with a large diet coke with refills would make you cry.

First, you must create a reason that is so much more important than just losing weight. A real reason for why you want to lose the weight.

Maybe your like my aunt who has type 2 diabetes because of being overweight. Or you want to be a great example and healthy role model for your kids, or because you don’t want to take the handicap cart at WalMart when you’re not handicapped, or maybe you want to feel absolutely great about your self and totally comfortable in a bathing suit (self confidence, get rid of depression from being overweight).

But it can’t be some lolly gag reason. This is first and foremost. Don’t even consider a weight loss plan without first taking this step. You’ll fail! This is of the utmost importance.

You need this to hold on to when you’re trying to lose weight.
To get through those tough days.
To give you the motivation you need to get ‘r done.

Hope you enjoyed this first installment of “How To Lose Weight Fast”.

To Your Happiness,


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