How To Lose An Extra Pound (Or Two) A Week Using Cold Water Treading

by Kenney on January 15, 2011

If you are trying to lose weight fast, but are tired of all of the same old boring strategies and would like to “spice” up your weight loss plans to keep it interesting, then you will love this little tips to help you lose weight using cold water treading.

We all know that temperature has some kind of effect on the body. All temps have different effects on the body. In this post I wanted to focus on cold and the effects that it can have to help you to lose an extra pound or two a week.

Cold Water Treading For Weight Loss

When you get in cold water what happens? You start to shiver right? Your body is trying to heat itself up. Whenever you see an increase in heat in your body you are seeing the effects of metabolism. It takes “energy” to heat up anything. Energy is just another word for calories when talking about the body and its functions.

So, if it takes calories to heat up your body, then you are burning calories when your body is trying to heat itself up. This is where cold water treading comes into play.

When And How To Use Cold Water Treading

Cold water treading, in its best form, is to get into a body of water that is between 12-15C or 54-60F. This is cold, very cold. Actually, it’s an ice bath. This can be a bath tub, hydrotherapy tank, or any other place.

The colder that you get the more reaction that you will get from your body, the more energy that it will use, the more calories that you will burn, and the more weight you will lose. It is ideal that you would put as much of your body in the water as you can, but even if you only put your feet in that would work.

3 Options

A. At the end of your shower, turn the water to all cold water and stay in there for 30 seconds. This is extremely cold and will take some extreme will power to stay in there. whew… ;) Be active in the shower also. Walk around and move your body.

B. Bath/Pool. Add a bag of ice to cold tap water in the bath tub and sit in it. If you sit, then keep moving your legs and arms around in the water.

C. If you don’t want to sit in it, then just put your feet in and “tread” around in the water. Keep walking back and forth.

This trick can help you to lose an extra pound or two every week. Try doing this in the morning and evening when you shower for a week to help you lose weight fast.

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