How to Get Rid Of Love Handles

by Kenney on August 20, 2007

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Ahh the age old question here is really, can we spot reduce?

Can we target a specific area and lose weight in that particular area any time we want?

This is an argument that has been debated for years and years. And will continues to be argued for many years to come.

How To Get Rid Of Love Handles… Let’s look at what we do know.

Muscle and fat are two distinct tissues with different properties and characteristics. “Fat is Burned” and “Muscle is Toned/Gained/Strengthened”.

We use energy to perform any movement we make. As a matter of fact we burn most of our energy just being alive and our daily activities. Think of your body like a car. If you got up in the morning and went out and turned the car on, then just let it sit there all day running. It would probably run out of gas. A car gets it’s energy from gas and we get ours from the foods we consume. If your car runs out of gas you can’t make it to the corner station, same for us. We need energy to exercise. We need energy to properly perform everyday. Every action are body does takes energy.

We also know that the type of energy we burn (fat, muscle, carbs) is determined by the intensity and duration of the activity we are doing and by the storage of energy we have available. Yes, you can burn muscle, I call it “cannibalism”. How? If your body doesn’t get the fuel it needs to perform or recover it will find the energy from somewhere. So, if it needs protein and you don’t have enough from the foods you’ve eaten then it will take the energy it needs from your muscles.

Back to how do we know what energy system we are working? For instance, if we lift weights we are working the anaerobic system, and if we go on a 20 minute jog we are using the aerobic system. It’s the aerobic system that “burns the fat”. That energy also comes from the entire body and not just the area being worked.

BUT this is where it gets interesting and the arguments begin to flare…

Let me first say that the reason there are so many arguments about this is because there isn’t a conclusive concrete explanation for this phenom I am about to explain. And in the world we live in, if a scientist doesn’t “tell you it’s true”, it must be false, because we can’t explain it. Right?

Argument #1: Where fat is stored is genetically predetermined and we “can not” control where we will carry “most” of our weight. This is also something that cannot be altered by performing specific movements.

Argument #2 (the unexplainable): Where fat is stored is genetically predetermined, BUT we “can” change where we carry “most” of it. Basically we can take control of our “body fat” destiny.

Let me ask you this (really think about it), have you ever seen a shot putter or a football line or a heavy weight Olympic wrestler?

On the whole, what do these people have in common, in relationship to their body styles? Most of their weight is stored in their upper body. Why? I believe that it’s because of the amount of muscle they carry in their legs and butt. In the areas of your body where you have a good amount of good strong muscle, you will see less fat there. The fat has a tendency to go else where to be stored.

So, then we do have control over where our fat is stored. Hmmm.

Do you think that it’s such a coincidence that most all of them store their fat this way?

So how does all this help you get rid of those love handles?

Let’s be real first, you can’t go out and do thousands of sit ups and discover one day that you have no more love handles. They’ll still be there if you don’t combine those abdominal and oblique workouts with “fat burning” workouts and proper food consumption.

But if you will do the right type of mid section exercises and workouts consistently, then you will increase your ability to burn the fat in love handle area faster and finally get rid of that stubborn fat storage around the waist and stomach.

Hey, make sure you check with your significant other first, they may want to keep “the love”. Just joking.

One last point, the reason most people can’t get rid of love handles is because they have the least amount of strong dense muscle in the area. I know dense sounds bad, but really dense just means compact, and in that area that’s good. You must be careful though, to much muscle their will not be good either.

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To Your Immediate and Lasting Success,

Kenney Jr.

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