Get Lingerie & Bikini Ready With 1 Exercise, 2 Times Per Week, That Perks & Firms Your Butt

by Kenney on January 15, 2011

If you want to get a nicer butt that is bikini & lingerie ready, then you will love this post as I will give you a neat little exercise, that can be done at home, that will help you to develop a nice butt fast. There’s nothing like the look of a nice butt in your fave jeans.

This exercise should be done 2 times per week for the best results and combined with a diet that has 40% protein to support the shaping of your booty makeover.

The exercise is “deadlifts”. You can do this exercise at home and with dumbbells or a barbell. This exercise is one of my top 3 exercises for getting a nice bum. Try it for 3 weeks and see what happens. Keep the weight light enough that you don’t put to much strain on your back, but heavy enough so that you feel it in your butt (and in your hammies).

If you want a nicer butt, then this exercise will help you get it and get it fast.

Tips & Warnings: Never round your back or bend your arms.

To do the exercise spread your feet till they are body with apart. Then bend your knees just a little bit so they are not locked out. Next, without rounding your back, lean over and pick up the weight. Grab the weight and go back up to a upright position keeping your arms straight.

Keep doing this motion, with the weight, for 12 repetitions. Take a 30 second break, then do it again for 12 more reps. You will want to do 6 sets of 12.

This exercise will help you to firm your butt, give it shape, perk it up, and burn butt fat. It will keep it from looking flat and saggy.

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