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How To Lose Weight Fast – Lesson #3

If you want know how to lose weight fast, then you like this lesson on how exercise can help you to burn a lot of calories, build lean muscle, tone you up, and increase your metabolism.

I will also share with you the #1 type of workout that you should be doing and how to only workout 3 times per week for less than 30 minutes and still see all the results you need.

How To Lose Weight Fast – Workout Help

You can lose weight and never have to a single bit of exercising or ever have to break a sweat if you wanted.

Will it be harder? Heck yeah…
Will you get the shape you want? Yeah No…
Will it take a lot longer? You got it…

Without muscle you won’t look sexy. You won’t have any shape. You will have a low metabolism and you will be very weak.

As I told you in lesson #1, if you want to lose weight then you have to create a calorie deficit. If you don’t you will not lose weight. That’s all there is to it. No if ands or buts about it.

You can create that calorie deficit without working out because your body still burns calories just to live. It’s what we call your metabolism.

…But the right kind of exercise can raise your metabolism drastically. Guess what would happen? You would burn even more calories just by living.

How do you raise your metabolism? You increase the amount of lean muscle that you have. You can only do that through exercise.

This is one of the biggest reason for working out. To raise your metabolism.

So, what types of workouts should you do? You should do high intensity interval or circuit workouts that build and develop lean muscle.

Example Workout #1:

5 minute warm up jog
Run 1 lap around the track @ 80% effort
Do 20 push ups
Bear crawl for 50 yards
Repeat this as many times as you can in 20 minutes
Do a 5 minute warm down walk

Example Workout #2:

5 Minute Warm Up On A Rowing Machine
Do a set of 12 bench presses
Do a set of 12 squats
Do a set of 12 straight leg deadlifts
Do a set of 12 lat pulls (or chin ups)
Repeat this 5 times with no rest

The whole point of your workout is to burn a lot of calories while developing lean muscle mass in the least amount of time possible. Both of these workouts do just that.

One is more focused on getting outside cross-training. The other is focused on lifting weights or body weight. You need to do both kinds. This is how you develop a full well rounded weight loss program and well rounded, lean, and strong body.

You should rotate these workouts also. One week you may do example 1 on Monday and Friday and example 2 on Wednesday. Then you can switch them the next week.

If you do this workout or something very similar combined with the dieting tips that I gave you in lesson #2 you will lose at least 1-3 pounds of pure fat every week.

The more consistent you are the more weight you will lose.

You can lose weight without exercise, but no where near the amount of success you can have with exercise. Exercise will also help you too to get through weight loss plateaus that you may hit along the way.

Make sure that after a weight workout you get at least 48 hours rest before doing another weight workout that works the same muscles. They need this time to rest.

Also I wanted to let you know because you are working out, protein is so even more important. You need it to recover and keep from being to sore. Protein is important for repairing and rebuilding and developing lean muscle.

Thanks for making it to lesson #3 on the how to lose weight fast series.

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