“I Think I’m Tired Of Being Fat”


The dreaded tape measure...i want to lose weight now!

The dreaded tape measure…i want to lose weight now!

This is what Sharlynn said before she became part of a group 18 people that lost 1,895 pounds.

Being over weight is NOT fun!

It effects your confidence.
It effects your health.
It shortens your life.

If you ever watched the “Biggest Loser”, the part of the show that really grabs my ATTENTION and scares me is the show that they have each individual come in with the doctor and the doc shows them how old their body says they are.

You have young men and women that are in their 20s, living with a body that says they are mid 40’s.

They have cut their life by 20-25 years. And the life they do have is plagued with pain and embarrassment. If this is you, you’ll probably agree that…

It’s hard to breath.
It’s hard to move.
It’s hard to live.

They usually have Heart disease, cardio vascular problems, skin issues, and many many other disorders that come from being over weight.

Well if your tired of being overweight, and feeling fat, do something.

There is nothing anyone can do for you until you make up your mind that I want to change my life.

Until you find yourself saying:

I want to be happy inside.
I want to be happy outside.
I don’t want to be the fat girl.
I don’t want these man boobs.
I don’t want to die early from a heart attack.
I want to decrease my chances of diabetes.

I want to live life!

When you find yourself thinking “I want to lose weight so that I can look better, live longer, escape early death, and live happily. I want to feel confident dating, and do thing easily that should be easy like tying my shoes and going to the bathroom”, then your on the right track.

If you want to smile and not cry when you have to by new clothes and when you see yourself in the mirror on the way to the shower and love the person looking back, then YOU can.

But no diet, no secret exercise, no magic pill or surgery can help you until you…yes YOU decide, “I want this“! I really want this bad and “I ain’t gonna” let nothing stand in my way.

Then there’s help available if you have the determination and patients to see it through.

This group of 18 lost 1,895. Read their stories to see what inspired them here…

To Your Immediate and Lasting Natural Weight Loss Success,

Kenney & Kim

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  1. suddenly slimmer
    6:18 am on November 6th, 2008

    For couple years my weight had been ups and downs..until I found the healthy way to diet and learn a lot from it. Last diet because almost my clothes didnt fit me anymore and when I exercise I couldnt move freely like before. So yeah..I was tired being fat and I wanted to be fit..

  2. erica figueroa
    6:30 pm on January 30th, 2009

    im tire of being fat im only20 years old i need help can live like this no more each and every day im geting bigger and bigger please help me someone or somebody please help me………………….

  3. Kenney
    1:14 am on January 31st, 2009

    Hey Erica, I am glad that you visited this blog and I hope that I can help.

    It’s funny because I started to reply to your comment earlier then I realized that it was so detailed and I figured that it would be even better if all of our visitors could benefit from your question and this answer, so I wrote a whole post to help you.

    The post is titled “Erica Needs Help: 7 Tips To Help You Lose Weight Fast”. I hope that it helps and you like it.

    Hope to see ya soon,


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